Creative Doings February 01, 2011

 I'm starting a New Year with a new label. I have taken all that I have learned from my Creative Doings label and started a new line that expresses both me and the products I really enjoy creating.

Gerald will demonstrate quality and a rich Bohemian Elegance.
I have shopped and researched for some of the most unique and quality fabrics I could find.
This line will marry interesting fabrics and elegant design to create what I call Bohemian Elegance.

The Gerald label will massage the ego's of both men and women.
My biggest goal this year is to create a line of products that accessorizes both men and women.

Gerald products will range from coin purses to rich leather handbags and messengers.
Diversity in both design and product offering is key for this new label. I want to offer a line of products that reaches the needs of all my customers.

But what is a great product without a definitive signature? To show my customers that I care about each product that leaves my design room I will hand sign each piece. Expect it!

To see the new label please visit my shop!



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